Camcorder Introduction

For those who wish to capture memories of their friends or family during special events, a camcorder allows a person to capture entire happenings to his or her desire. A camcorder is exactly what it sounds like: a camera and a recorder combined. Moving images and sound are captured together for a complete memory experience. With a camcorder, there are no limits to how much an event can be saved in time, provided the battery holds power.

Although the camcorder market is expansive, items like the iPod® and camera phones have given the long-time choice a fair amount of competition. Still, die-hard fans and those looking to maximize their recording capabilities tend to gravitate toward camcorders for their video needs. However, the modern camcorder couldn’t be what it is today had it not been for its early predecessors.

The beginning of popular digital technology began in 1995 when Panasonic, JVC, and other electronics giants introduced digital camcorders. While some of these camcorders still utilized tapes, digital technology permitted the tapes to be smaller than ever before, thus allowing for extremely compact camcorders. Different companies experimented with the technology, improving sound synchronizing, color richness, and editing capabilities. The first DV tapes were about a tenth of the size of original VHS tapes, but had approximately twice the resolution efficiency. By 1999, Sony had introduced Digital8, a more modern version of the Hi8 recording system that was popular with amateurs.

DV, Digital8, and DVD camcorders remained well-liked into the new millennium when more options for storing video became available. As technology for computer memory storage improved, so did camcorder technology. Hard disk, flash drive, and SD card camcorders have steadily been making an impact on the market. New features are constantly being introduced, like HD (high definition), pocket-size, and Blu-Ray. With so many options available to the consumer, it can be a daunting task trying to determine which choice is the best for his or her needs.